Jindabyne Ski Sale

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    People have told me about a regular 2nd hand ski event on in Jindabyne each year in the community hall... but I cannot find anything about it. Does anybody know if this still goes on / when it is please? (thanks in advance)

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    Each June LWE the Jindy trampoline club runs a ski sale, in the town hall at the western end of the old shops. Second hand, shop extras and overstocks. Gold coin donation entry.

    I think that's all the pertinent info ! I assume it's still on in 2012.

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    Exactly the information I needed - thanks [​IMG]
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    I think I have this right:

    The sale is run by Manuela Berchtold - ex olympic mogul skier - and her mother. Funds raised go to young local skiers aiming for the olympics.

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    cheers ...

    might check out some boots for poppy

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    One of the local churches,also do a second hand sale ,it is on the first or second saturday of each month??.I think it is the Anglican Church ,the location is just up Gippsland st,where it takes a right angle turn ,just before Munyang.We were there over summer and my wife dragged me to it ,they had a shed full of clothes,and lots of good quality second hand ski clothing mainly for teens and kids and a fair amount of good quality brand names.