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    Forgive me if this has been canvassed elsewhere, but geez they are cheap, kicking Skymark's butt even on a brief look at it, at least up till 25th Feb, Skymark's latest online booking date.Got to add 1100 yen for 20kg baggage, or more.

    You seem to be able to book one way only, but seems available from both ends.
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    that is cheap. awesome...


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    I am unsure whether this is breaking any forum rules but I have an unwanted Jetstar airfare from Gold Coast to Narita return available due to an unexpected cancellation of one of our party who was going to join us for the last part of our holiday here.

    We need to have this sorted by Jan 5 latest.

    The airfare is currently Jan 7 out and Jan 17 back.

    We can change the name and date for a fee (included in the price below) but if it is changed to a date which is more expensive than the return fare we paid Jetstar want the difference.

    Cost us $1180 - going for $700 return incl. std luggage allowance, meals, entertainment pack out and comfort pack back.

    PM me - first in best dressed.

    I won't be able to check this until about 6pm tomorrow ...
    big, big day at Madarao tomorrow planned - we have had nearly a metre here in the last 24 hrs and lift no. 3 is running for the first time tomorrow. Today was simply epic.....