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    Thought I would share my experience with you guys so no one else has to get ripped off by these shonks!

    Don't use Jackson Hole Shuttle!

    Booked and prepaid for 7 people return trip to Teton Village, arrived at the airport only to have to wait for over 2 hours and still not get on a shuttle. Rang to complain about the wait and was told the usual "The shuttle is 10 mins away etc etc", other people at the airport were told the same thing. Ended up getting taxis for our group.

    Rang the guy the next day and he was rude and arrogant. He said there was no refund and we should have got on one of the shuttles. Not so easy when there were 30 or so other people trying to get on the same shuttle. The driver of the shuttle didn't have a list of bookings and didn't want to see our booking confirmation. Seemed to prefer taking people who were paying cash on the spot!

    On our return trip the shuttle never turned up either and once again had to book taxis in order to make our flights. Once again, no refund

    This guy should be investigated by the police because the way this business treats it's customers is criminal!!!

    I love everything about Jackson Hole but this business is giving it a very bad name.

    You are better off getting Taxis or Uber once it has started up.

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    Did you pay for it by credit card?

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    Yeah dispute that payment!

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    Yep, lodged the dispute with the bank. Be interesting to see what happens
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