How long to drive Melbourne-Jindabyne?

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    Stevage New Member

    I've been arguing with a friend over how long it's going to take to get to Jindabyne from Melbourne.

    Here are the parameters:
    Cars: A tarago and a (4wd) Forrester, both fully loaded.
    Time: Leaving North Melbourne around 4:30pm on Friday 18 July.
    Stops: Minimal, maybe 30 mins for dinner, and just petrol otherwise. Might need to get chains for the Tarago.
    Speed: Right on the limit, probably no faster.

    I thought we'd do it in under 7 hours. He thinks more like 8. Anyone care to offer an opinion?

    Also, is there any question of route? Can the Alpine Way be avoided, considering it will be near midnight in the middle of winter...


    Makka New Member

    I reckon about 7 if done in daylight. Your friend might be closer for that time of night....

    SNOW-STUFF Active Member

    7-8, more if the alpine way is covered... also the coppers are quite lethal on the alpine way, only other ways are much longer...

    Seth Old And Crusty

    There was a thread about this recently.

    I've always gone the Alpine Way but apparently going through Omeo is also pretty good. With Eastlink up and running, going from North Melbourne would be fine.

    teckel Old And Crusty Commercial Member

    Seth, Any chance of bringing a pair of skis from Smiggins with you? I'd pay, of course.

    Insaneogram New Member

    I've done it in under 5

    Insaneogram New Member

    Not really ... I'm just bored and seeking attention

    Stevage New Member

    Omeo? Just looked it up on Google Maps, which gives 7:16 via Alpine Way, 10:30 via Omeo, or 8:30 via Buchan.


    Seth Old And Crusty

    if i was up that way i couldn't see it being a problem but i live in melbourne and ski at buller.
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    sastrugi Part of the Furniture

    Mate, don't do via Buchan (Barry Way) in the middle of winter unless you know the road very well and the conditions are ideal. Especially in the middle of the night. And ESPECIALLY if you're looking at avoiding the Alpine Way ..... it's like a freeway compared to the Barry Way goat track (which is a great drive, but not in this circumstance)

    If you're in North Melbourne, we're not far from you (Yarraville) so here's your plan.... Jump on City link with a full tank.... Wodonga in 3 hours (because you've just beaten peak hour).... fill up with fuel and food.... from there to Thredbo will take you 3.5-4.5 hours depending on conditions and how well you know the road, animals etc. An extra 30-45 mins to Jindy.

    If it's really dumping snow and you don't know the road that well, throw all that out the window and stay in Khancoban the night. This way is always the quickest from Melb - Jindy, Princes Highway and other routes will always be longer. The Tarago will be required by law to carry chains so you may as well hire them in Melbourne for the week.

    BTW, we generally drive this a lot quicker, but we lived in Thredbo for a long long time and we basically switch the car onto auto-pilot and snooze while the trusty Impreza takes us 'home' each trip [​IMG]
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    jsta New Member

    Its about 7-8 hours and i'd go via Alpine Way. Just watch for the wildlife at night.

    If its snowing, you might have to fit chains when you're on Alpine Way (between Khancoban and Thredbo). They did early last week and that was during the day.

    Alternatively - you could go Melbourne - Canberra (6.30hrs incl. 30mins break) and then Canberra - Jindy (2 hrs). The by-pass through Albury saves 30mins, but there are a lot of road works on the Hume (highway duplication). Done this drive many times and is an alternate route. Takes a little longer but perhaps a little safer at night.