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    Hi there, I am considering a winter season job at Thredbo, as a first timer I have no idea how it all works. I have experience in retail & hospitality and have just applied at Thredbo Alpine Village. They offer shared staff accommodation in Jindabyne. Just wondering how I get to and from work every day, does that trip cost a lot, or do some employers have a staff bus. Can anyone suggest good places to work. I am a reliable worker, the fun is secondary.

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    Public transport is almost non existent, with the exception of the school bus ,most just drive up or organise lifts with work colleagues or flatmates. .
    Some even still hitch a lift up the hill.

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    ^ this

    the community of alpine workers in Jindy is pretty good. You will be able to network rides up the hill pretty easily.

    Hitching, though not as prevalent as it once was, is still quite viable, allow 30 min to get from Jindy to Thredbo and 30~40 min wait time to get a hitch (~70 min prior to shift start). Usually you will get a hitch within 15min.

    All the hitchers hang at the roundabout near the caravan park.

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    Back in the 80s that Jindy butcher gave me a ride once. Very scary.

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    Really, I just assumed bus transport would be organised for the workers as it seems they all stay in Jindabyne.. I've been told you have to pay an entry fee to get into the national park and a fee to park your car, is that right, and how do you drive in the snow ??? Would it be better to get a job in Jindabyne? or would I be missing out.
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    You have to have a park entry permit, which covers parking. It is a per car deal, not per person so if you don't own a car you don't pay. The permit is a couple of hundred bucks for ordinary folk but I think that workers get a hefty discount.

    Thredbo is below the usual snowline, so driving is pretty straightforward. You don't even have to carry chains, although you would be well advised to get some. The number of times you would have to deal with snow on the road in most seasons could usually be counted on the fingers of both hands. If you do hit snow drive smoothly and keep your distance from other cars. This is a good summary.

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    Thanks everyone, I appreciate your help as I couldn't find the answers anywhere without asking.

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    for Thredbo Alpine Hotel (hospitality) there used to be a 'Troopie' service after 6pm until 2am* or something - only for getting back to Jindy.

    Not sure if this is still part of the hospitality award condition, you will need to check on this.

    (* oh yeah, big sigh: good times, good times!)

    Pro Tip: Find a way to be on very good terms with the Troopie driver, he can be a life saver.

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    Thanks Richard, sounds like the thing to do...

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    Thredbo used to run a bus for it's staff. But really you'll find life much easier in Jindy with a car. 4wd or chains, even though not "required" to Thredbo are advised. It's more a problem with ice rather than snow. There's a couple of steep hills that ice up early mornings. Annual parks passes are around $100 for locals, I'm not sure of the deal for staff. Parks have installed number plate recognition at entry now, but I've heard it won't actually be in full use until next year.

    Check out the Facebook page "Jindabyne Job Guide" for vacancies, or post your own. There's also a "Looking to Live Around Jindy" page. Expect to be completely ripped off, sharing a 3 bedder with 5-8 others. Good luck.
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    If you are on the official staff list you can get a park entry permit valid until 31 October for $38.
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