Guthega Club Memberships for Sale

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    Guthega Club Memberships for Sale

    Turnak Ski Club is undertaking a major renovation this summer and we have Memberships for sale !

    We are located in Guthega Village, (part of the Perisher resort), Kosciuszko National Park NSW.

    Our self-catering lodge sleeps 18 people above the snowline. Be part of a great family of Members who share a very special lodge offering fantastic winter and summer accommodation.

    Membership price is $15,000. Member accommodation costs $20.00 nightly. Member guests allowed.

    Contact us today! Ph: 02 9987 1990 Web: Email:
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    Are these additional memberships to fund the renovations, or resale of existing memberships?

    And what's the total membership number?

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    Hello. Current Membership approx. 35. At this stage we are looking to sell about 15. We are able to have up to 70 according to our Charter. All capital raised from share sales is directly invested back into this renovation. rgds

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    Hi Roj,

    I am not familiar with club membership processes.
    Is that $15k buy into the club outright or is it an annual fee?
    Would the value of my membership appreciate as new members join?

    What are the entitlements and restrictions? i.e. Limited # of guests? Limit of booked days per year?

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    Hi Pow,
    That is a $15k buy-in to start plus an annual levy of $1k. You can sell the share and re-coup your $15k in the future if you so choose.

    The value of the share has more to do with the quality of the facility and ability to book in and stay.

    Our renovation is substantial and the building will comply with current BCA including fire safety.

    Our entire top level is new and includes new ensuited bedrooms with fantastic Guthega Dam and Main Range views. The entire building has new windows, new cladding, new roof. Old oil heating and oil tank has been properly removed.

    We took up the 50 year lease and are rebuilding this Lodge to last long into the future.
    Feel free to call me on the above to discuss further. Rgds
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    Bumping this thread to notify that the price of these Memberships are to increase from $15,000.00 to $20,000.00 on 1 July 2016. If you are considering a Membership in the area, then this is the place !

    The renovation is in the final stages and we are keen to take more Members on board. The Lodge rebuild will provide fire safe, super warm, modern and comfortable amenities. The building will also offer great facilities for staying in summer, being air conditioned and window-screened. Some pics are here:

    Contact us today! Ph: 02 9987 1990 Web: Email:

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    Bringing up to current code is very expensive.
    With 50 members (some being families) and only 18 beds how do you allocate bookings in the August peak, when a number of members (and their guests) could potentially be competing for the same week.
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    We are now trialling a 5 day week system during school holidays whereby over the 14 day holiday period we have 3 groups in for a 5 day stay (rather than just 2 groups in for a 7 day stay). In the past we held a ballot or alternated families every second year in peak times.
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    Are there any shares still available?