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Bindings Guardian / Look Touring Binding.

Discussion in 'Gear Swap - Buy, Sell & Trade' started by Wheres Walle, Mar 21, 2017.

    Wheres Walle

    Wheres Walle New Member

    Hey guys,

    Got a Look XM13 AT binding for sale (same design as Salomon version, different logos) which was used for about a week worth of touring in Aus last year. It's the large size WTR version (26.5 upwards, i think) - all plates / screws etc included. I swapped to tech bindings and quiver killers so this has just been sitting on the shelf for the last 6 months.

    Hit me up on here or via email if you have any questions, cheers!

    $200 posted within Aus..

    Beja Just Registered

    Hey mate,
    Transfer made, details below, should come through early next week. Sorry i didn't get to this yesterday.

    Amount: xxxx
    Receipt#: xxxxx
    To: xxxxx
    Description: xxxx
    Date: xxxx
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    almontyrat Well-Known Member Season Pass Silver

    Probably shouldn't post that information on a public forum.....
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    Chaeron Active Member Season Pass Gold

    Use private messaging...

    Richard Addicted Member Administrator


    Beja Just Registered

    Whoops =o stupidest thing i did all weekend!
    Thanks guys. ..
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