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    sierrastop New Member

    G'day all,

    The girlfriend and I are heading to Niseko in March. It's the first time in Japan for the both of us and were are trying to work out where to stay.

    From what I've read, the Grant Hirafu area has the most accommodation options - we're trying to work out a place that is close to the lifts and has a few bars to kick back and relax as the night descends - a chalet or something like that would be fantastic.

    Any suggestions for a place to stay?

    Much appreciated!
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    Go Native

    Go Native Dedicated Member

    What is your preferred budget range? Do want any meals included (like breakfast) or want self contained accomm? Do you want more of a Japanese experience or prefer western style?

    sierrastop New Member

    G'day GN -

    Probably western style accommodation, although I wouldn't be too fussed with self-contained as I presume there would be enough places to eat-out at?

    As for budget, looking at a mid to high budget range (which if that included breakfast would be fantastic). Honestly, anything that is within walking distance to the ski lifts would be great.
    Go Native

    Go Native Dedicated Member

    Well if high budget isn't a problem then you really can't go past The Vale. A studio apartment would probably be fine for a couple who aren't interested in doing any cooking. Not crazy expensive and similar to a nice hotel room.

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    So long as they're not already fully booked, at this stage.
    Alternative, look at the places on the SJ site - support them what advertise here!

    loklok Dedicated Member

    Hirafu is definitely the place to stay. Everything you need is there.

    Look at the town maps, look at the lift maps to sort out your preferred location.

    Don't overlook using a travel agent - they can offer you a range of choices within your budget, which can make things easy.

    TropicalPow Dedicated Member

    Youtei Tracks could be a good fit for your wish list also.
    Have a squize at it online. Good standard of accomadation an d excellent location.

    sierrastop New Member

    G'day all,

    Thanks for the info - much appreciated!

    Will definitely have a look through the Skijapan site as well.

    Gimp Dedicated Member

    That time of the season you should be able to get in anywhere

    sourmash Active Member

    Staying here at Kimamaya Lodge = fantastic set up with great hosts and location in mid Hirafu village. Maybe a bit exy, depending upon your budget.
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    luvthabumps Addicted Member

    W stayed at the Vale a couple of years ago. IIRC it had only just opened. It was beautiful. Nice little private onsen downstairs if you don't feel like travelling to the public ones.

    You must make sure you take the Kutchan night bus for meals down there and supermarket shopping as well for more variety than the local Seiko mart. Octopus balls and sweet custard fish on the way out of the supermarket FTW.

    Make sure you have a meal at Torimatsu and Cocoro Okonomiyaki for authentic local food. Also you can't go past the crab ramen at the Hanazano base