Advice needed First time: skiing NZ in July: heliski,offpiste, freeride ski rental

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    Stani Active Member

    Hello there:

    my plan:

    flying around 8th July from Germany to Auckland.
    Spend about 2 weeks on the North Island.
    If the snow and weather will be fine , than do a skitour + freeride on Mt Ruapehu + Mt Taraniki
    between 23-29th July (or so) flying from Auckland to Quennstown and ski (mainly offpiste) Treble Cone, Coronet Peak and Remarkables + one day heli ski.

    Usually is this time of the year good for off piste ? Where could I rent a freeride ski with tour binding+skin in Quennstown + Auckland. I found only rentals with normal skis and one rental with freeride ski.

    thank in advance

    Dumph Active Member

    These guys are backcountry experts and will sort you out with gear for Qtown/Wanaka. Late July is pretty safe for decent quality snow off piste (usually) down south, not sure about Ruapehu.
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    Heinz Old And Crusty Season Pass Gold

    Welcome back. Haven't heard from you for a while.
    July can be good but has been a bit hit and miss last few years with some late starts. If you can consider a later start. Late July is normally fine, but August safer. From what I have heard spring September/October is best for the North Island especially if you are looking at touring. Wanaka is a better base if you want to do a few days at Treble Cone.
    For touring gear in Wanaka go here:

    pedub Active Member

    Agree with Heinz, I would try and time your stay in Queenstown/Wanaka for first 2 weeks of August. I noticed you omitted Cardrona. I think its worth a visit at least, it does have some decent off piste areas and mostly attracts beginners/intermediates , families and park riders, so when they do get powder it's often easy to score if you take some adventurous lines.

    essjaywhy Active Member

    July is the beginning so all off piste bets are off.

    Each region has a ski touring Facebook so you can work the odds day by day with the locals.

    The volcanoes are for spring sk touring with the exception being Ngauruhoe which can be in condition if it gets three snow falls down to lower levels say 1300 m. The 3 Ruapehu skifields will be open then

    Best bring your gear, certainly your boots

    all the best
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    Red_switch Part of the Furniture 30 Day Pass

    If you want good touring into decent terrain out of the resort in the Southern Lakes, don't **** around and just stick with the Remarkables and TC.

    go to small planet for your gear.

    Join the facebook pages/groups if you want flaky touring partners.
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    Draizuh Dedicated Member

    Coronet peak is a gigantic outdoor snowdome. If you are serious about getting good snow i wouldnt even waste my time unless queenstown was under a foot of snow or has had atleast 30mm of rain in the previous 48 hours and the temp has been around 6 degrees while raining.

    You might struggle for touring gear rentals in auckland. Ohakune or possibly Taupo would be best bets.

    Red_switch Part of the Furniture 30 Day Pass

    When Coronet is on, it's awesome. But you gotta get lucky to score it. At least now remarks sucks up most of the punters.
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