Falls creek with young kids

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    crikey.....but ive heard that. we take ours out for at least a week each year to ski + a bunch of long weekends. last year we had 3 months off for travel. 2 years before that 5 weeks off for travel. mine are still primary level, but it does depend on the principal in the end, and the area.
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    We started copping it 2 yrs ago at a primary school, independent college for the last couple and same rules apply. 3 weeks out of school (for nerdy boy & ski bunny) would not score too many brownie points. :headbang:

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    We just fill in a form for holidays and it gets approved . We take them every year for a weeks skiing . Teachers / principal ask how trip went etc . Can't see the stress of it until they are in high school with pending exams
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    My daughter just started kindy this year. We have asked ahead already about her taking a week off during school term and her principal gave us the nod
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    We took our kids out of school for a week every year til year 10.......you've got a while yet!
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    Man the snow is so addictive ... Wife and I had a discussion a few nights back saying how expensive snow trips are.

    But considering how much fun and the memories we will have far outweighs the monetary element.
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    There aren't many sports that can be enjoyed together for quite so long.
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    Hope there's many seasons to come!

    The daughter has recently learnt the art "rolling her eyes" at me when she doesn't like something I say to her ...
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    Hire a nanny, that would be better.