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    You can debate the outgoings but the bottom line of the ledger is how affordable it is, and its more affordable than it was in the past.
    We could host an Olympic games sport of skiing price complaints and its a sport skiers have participated in since skiing began.
    30p a day to ride up Bull Run rope tow was daylight robbery according to my father.

    What really cut their margins was cheap overseas flight that had them competing with overseas resorts where they once had a captive customer base.
    That was the dark ages of Australian Skiing, service with a sneer was common, after the enlightenment they were forced to start practicing customer service, something a few of them still struggle with to this day but those few are thankfully uncommon now.
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    Yes overseas travel by air was only for the rich really until the 80s
    Legs Akimbo

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    I flew to Europe in 1988. It cost more in absolute dollars, without adjustments for inflation, then than it would now. A couple of thousand, or close to it, IIRC.

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    yes dont disagree LA , i should have put 90's but they were coming down in real terms from the 70's during the 80's ,

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    Air fare prices have certainly been pushed down by competition. Ski hill prices not so.

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    Except that most mountains offer early bird season pass deals at amazingly good rates compare to historic rates
    And there have been some pretty good deals on offer for those who qualify, eg Falls Creek's coffee club cheap day ticket for parent with kid in ski school, BFF plan for free ski day for a beginner friend, 1234ever season pass for beginners, fathers day dads ski free. I don't recall anything like that in the 70s and 80s except for closing weekend.
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    Yes that is true. And they certainly need to do it. But it doesn't offset accommodation costs etc that still gouge nor do they handle poor snow conditions very well with, if not refunds then hold overs for a season or three. And other hills around the world world offer these things and more so the value proposition is just better....especially on lift ticket pricing and on available ski area etc. I love skiing in Oz but the industry has always failed to really get the value proposition going.

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    - what a view (still a patch of snow on spion kopje!)
    - fantastic customer service and facilities at attunga lodge

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    @hongomania - is that view from the loungeroom/deck?
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    Bouquet: the coffee at Stingray. They've changed their beans since I'd been there previously. They made consistently good coffee.

    Had a great couple of days escaping the heat and getting right out beyond the resort boundaries on foot and MTB.

    Even landed some small brown trout on the fly within the village