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    I observe grass.

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    and bikes

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    Looks like they might have had a tiny dusting
    Ubiquitous Steve

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    Looks cold and horrible....only folk happy would be the CFA and DSE.

    Ground moisture on lower slopes has increased a little! Need more than ones underwear on at moment.....:emoji_mountain_bicyclist::emoji_bicyclist::emoji_bikini:

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    Falls Creek pls
    Just received an email:
    Subject: Summer Snow A Reminder To Book Now For Winter 2017

    Body of email:
    "The snow showed up for an early dress rehearsal this week, generating a lot of excitement about the coming season, on the mountain and off.

    The phones at the Falls Creek Reservations Centre have been running hot, and some of the most popular accommodation options are already filling up fast for the school holidays and on peak weekends.

    The good news is there are still plenty of great properties available across the season and incredible deals on stay and ski packages for our famous White Space dates."

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    All that under a winter photo complete with grooming machine.
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    Hi everyone,
    I am planning on traveling up to falls creek 25th-29th June with a few beginner friends who have never boarded/skied before. What is the chances that nothing is open? From looking at the trip conditions/reports over the past few years it looks like Wombat's will be open at the very least, but I thought I would consult the experts! Also, what is the chance of a ski-in ski-out village? I want my friends to experience the magic of playing in the snow etc. Our dates are set in stone and accom booked so we really will just have to make the most of what happens but hopefully I can get an idea of what to expect. Thank you!

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    50/50 chance IMO. One things forsure, beginners are usually the first of any experience level to be catered for in terms of terrain open so you'll have fun eitherway, even if it's on man-made base.
    I am thinking that because you're a beginner you're probably not exactly 'needing' ski-in/ski/out... Whilst I am not all that familiar with FC, seldom will you have many ski-in/ski-out options that suit beginners so I am thinking it's not going to make much difference for you anyway?
    Go in with low expectations (of man-made cover) and you may just be pleasantly surprised come June.

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    Thank you for your quick reply! I am not a beginner myself so personally hoping for as much snow as possible (which I'm sure we all are!), but as long as there is enough to go down the mountain a few times I will be happy :)

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    June is always risky and I would advise people never to book then till they see snow on the ground. If you want off-peak rates, september is a much safer bet. Softening snow, longer days and more chance of sunny days are also good for beginners.

    Chance of ski-in/ski-out is low but not impossible.
    School holidays start on 1 July so they will be all out trying to get at least mousetrap, main street and wombats open (followed by highway 83 and drovers). Wombats, mousetrap and main street have good snowmaking but it still needs low temps and low humidity. In 2015 I don't think anything would have been open that week.

    Hopefully your friends might see some snow falling, even a little is magic.

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    Thank you for your reply! June is the only time we could go unfortunately so we will have to make the best of whatever happens. Two of the people I am going with have never seen snow, so it will be as much about the magic of seeing it all for the first time as it will be actually skiing or boarding. Fingers crossed for some snow falling as well, I want their first experience to be as good as mine! I am spoiled in that I have snowboarded in Japan for the past two years, but went up to Bulla last year for a weekend and still had fun in the slush :D. Thanks again!
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    Congratulations to you Thitchman. You are obviously the driver of this venture with your friends and if they can experience some of the things I have enjoyed in Australia's winter alpine wonderland, they will be stoked. Some of the regular forum members might well forget the excitement and anticipation of 'first tracks' in the snow. Figuring out what gear to borrow, buy or rent, whether to try snowboarding, skiing or just settle for snow play? All of these things are great things to look forward to. I truly hope your friends get to experience their first snowfall, they really are magical and so many Australians will never experience it. They might be happy to have" been there done that" but then again, one or two might be hooked for life!

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    Last few days of june is pretty safe for some skiing. Cant remember a year when there wasnt something open.

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    Not much fun, though, if everyone is on man-made cover coming down Wombats. Potentially dangerous and scary for beginners, not unlike Bourke St.

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    If it's before school holidays then it isn't too bad for crowds. Once vic school holidays start, then it is hell if not much is open. In 2015 they were opening the only lifts early in 2nd week of school hols - 7:30 IIRC. I was only skiing till 9ish then going home before it got too scarey.

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    hi, hello everyone, i am new here,, i will go to australia at the next may, and i looking for a good ski resort to be the entire season, wich is for you the best option, to practice snowboard and work, thks!!!

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    Falls Creek is very good for both. You can check out work online via the Falls Creek website etc. Good luck!