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    gisborne612 Active Member

    I am planning on taking some kids on a hike from Mt Buller to Mt Stirling and camping overnight.
    Does anyone know what facilities are available near the summit of Mt Stirling.
    Toilets, Drinking water, fire places etc?
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    neilmny Active Member

    Bluff Spur Hut

    No facilities at the Summit but GGS Hut is not far away, 1km? to the NE?? with good dunnies. As far as camping goes the Bluff Spur Hut, 1.2km? to the SE?? is a better option with a good long drop and bit of a campfire area and lots of nice camping under the snowgums. (Not to mention the hut itself). There is a water tank at both but don't rely on it. it has been a very dry March. Take your water is best.
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    gisborne612 Active Member

    Thanks for that, hopefully there might be some rain in the not too distant future to fill the tanks.
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    neilmny Active Member

    There are springs up there but they might also be dry. There is one on the West Summit track which goes from Bluff Spur Hut around below and to the north of the summit to GGS Hut. The spring is about 220 metres before the GGS hut when travelling from Bluff Spur Hut.
    There is also a spring near the end of the River Spur bike track on the Howqua Gap track and a spring on Stonefly bike track between River Spur Track and the Bluff Spur Hut. Just remember none of these can be relied on in a dry late Summer, early Autumn like we have had.

    Note that in the previous picture I posted, I am standing on what seems to be called the Stonefly bike track. (They use the term trail.....very un Australian that :) )

    Rough map attached......................Howqua Track rough centre of bottom margin.

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    stansi Dedicated Member Season Pass Gold

    This is a small campsite 100m east of GGS Hut.
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    Ubiquitous Steve

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    Nice pic stansi looks like clouds are ganna burst there.
    Thomas WHiteside

    Thomas WHiteside Active Member

    pretty good camping at King's Saddle too, nice big shelter area and spots for tents. Fair distance from the summit though.
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    Jellybeans1000 Dedicated Member Season Pass Gold

    Those rains over the next few days will definitely help fill the tanks. When are you going? I am guessing TBJ to Mt Buller Village. Wouldn't rely on any springs. I carry water every time.

    @neilmny where did you get that Stirling summit map from?

    neilmny Active Member

    It is from my own GPS/Mapsource maps I've made from OSM data.

    Jellybeans1000 Dedicated Member Season Pass Gold

    Mister Tee on snow shoes

    Mister Tee on snow shoes Well-Known Member

    I have never camped at Mt. Stirling in Green season. I think I should give it a go one day.
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    MarkV New Member Season Pass Gold

    I was at Craig's Hut on Saturday and there was no water in the toilet block tank. There was water flowing in a spring in the gully about 400 Meters southeast of the hut on clear hills track.

    chriscross Dedicated Member Season Pass Gold

    Good facilities at King Spur hut. A bit lower down but not so exposed to inclement weather.

    stridercdh Active Member

    Is a great area to camp in autumn. However, when I've camped up there during green season in the past I've always found myself dreaming of winter!