Dinner Plain RnRoll - Labour Day W/kend with Glenn Shorrock,Andrew Wishart,etc

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    Fun to be had @ Dinner Plain & Mt.Hotham see http://www.visitdinnerplain.com (events & activities)
    "Long Way To The Top: The Dinner Plain Festival of Rock"
    Saturday 10th March Mt Hotham
    8pm Gin Joint, Msagro and Nudgles hosted by The General
    Sunday 11th March Dinner Plain
    1.30pm Andrew Wishart from The X Factor at Rundells
    3-5pm Ricky Wood at The Hamster Bar, High Plains Lodge
    5.30pm Big Al at The Hamster Bar, High Plains Lodge
    9pm Msargo followed by Andrew Wishart followed by the Glenn Shorrock Band at Dinner Plain Hotel
    11.30pm Big Al Jam Session at The Hampster Bar, High Plains Lodge
    Visit the Dinner Plain website for what promises to be a suburb weekend of great music. All access Tickets are $50 for Adults and $25 for children, under 4’s for free.
    Bookings online at http://www.longwaytothetop.net.au
    I was there last year (diff Line - up ). We had a blast!
    Bushwalk... and rock into the night !!
    Cheers and see you up there.
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    This event happened last year?

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    Seth, The event was 2 years ago with Wendy Stapleton and Darryl Cotton. Big Johnny Houghton was on the bagpipes ..especially for the finale Long Way to the Top.
    Thanks for your response..highlights that i'm getting old, memory going !