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    Okay Brains trust...have a q regarding taking my niece with us to Canada next year. She will be 14 at the time of travel so still a minor. Do I need something written from her parents that she is travelling with us. She does have a different surname. ?

    She will travel over with us and there is a possibility we may have to send her home early...hope this does not happen though as it could get messy with flight bookings. I'd rather have them all linked and not hers on a separate booking.

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    My kids have different surnames to me and I've never been questioned. Would hurt to have something in writing though and if there's the chance of her needing to go home early, best to put her on a separate booking. You can get the airline to link them up though.
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    It wouldn't do any harm. I am pretty sure that the conventions on child abduction don't apply after 14 so you won't have to worry about that. When my daughter was young I had issues a couple of times taking her to Canada. The first time I had no consent from her mother. The second time it wasn't notarised (which the Consulate here told me was not necessary but the immigration flunky said was required). Check with the consulate and get something in writing that you can wave at flunkies.

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    I'd say a definite yes.

    This from the Canadian government.

    The adult who is not the parent or legal guardian of the child should have written permission from the parents or guardians to supervise the child. The permission letter should include addresses and telephone numbers where the parents or legal guardian can be reached.

    The letter does not need to be certified. A photocopy of the parents’ or legal guardian’s signed passports or national identity cards should be attached to the letter.

    Note: The border services officer may not ask to see these documents when the child enters Canada. However, it is strongly recommended you bring them, in case that you are. The minor child will not be admitted to Canada if the officer is not convinced that the parents or legal guardian have authorized his stay.

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    thanks for the responses guys

    I have no issues with her flying home alone, she has done her fair share of unaccompanied flying as it is. :D

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    Perhaps also have it in writing that you can authorise medical care (minor, or whatever is agreed) and will be responsible for costs. Also need to be sure she is covered on your or her own travel insurance. They might not include her as your family.
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    This is a really key point. Definitely check that she's covered by your travel insurance.

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    Born2ski has listed the requirements to get in to Canada but there are also requirements for a minor leaving Australia and if you transit through any countries you can be asked for a Parental consent to travel document as well. Under 18 is considered a child/minor. The airline, immigration or customs can ask for a certified letter from both parents that a minor has permission to travel out of or in to the country with you.
    Here is some informaton:

    here is an example template (It is a US version but makes sense)
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    We just have to wait and see if her parents will allow her to miss 2 weeks of school now :D

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    Shouldn't a father be equally as legitimate a parent as the mother?

    Or is it a case of mitigating against custody kidnapping? (i.e. a father bailing overseas with kid to avoid a family court ruling or some other such thing)

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    Darb - if a child has 2 custodial parents both custodial parents need to give approval for a child to travel. If you wish to travel with a child without the other parent you need to have the other parents permission or prove you have sole custody ie: court order or death certificate for other parent. There is no bias, thus if a minor has 2 custodial parents/carers no mater their gender both must either be travelling with the child or give their permission.

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    Cheers Silva, good to know as a father of 2 youngins myself.

    Just as well they don't have this requirement in day to day live!

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    So as long as I have her own travel insurance and a letter saying she is travelling with I need anything else should she need medical assistance. ?