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    Multiple examples for me.

    Cathay about 5 years ago weighed my bag. Didn't care it was over weight, just made me carry my ski boots on cause they said the overall weigh was dangerous in overhead locker.

    Promptly put my boots back into said bag on the bridge!

    In December - Singapore Airlines weighed our carry on - at check in. Insisted i re distribute my weight. And escorted us to Oversize too - checky bugger!

    Both examples are stupid! If total weight is under the weight limit it shouldn't matter!

    Essentially the same weight ended up on the plane!

    We flew a bunch of times around Europe, one plane insisted that our bags wouldn't fit in over head - refused to weigh just took them off us.

    Another flight - they were checking the second bag fit in the cage thingy.

    Kevin and I were waved through - both our bags bigger than most that were checked. However we only had the one bag.

    I gave up carrying my boots in the carry on though. I think i will get the bag mentioned above @DidSurfNowSki YK loves his - and so i think will I!.

    However can't fit much else in them besides, boots, helmet, gloves and maybe a book or a ipad/tablet. Maybe a Surface Pro at a pinch.

    Surfstich have them -

    STM have it too - in a more colour version... but cheaper!!

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    Mine is a rolling bag - it seems i am not discriminated against.

    Mine gets weighed if everyone gets weighed... gets skipped if everyone gets skipped.

    Its this actually - and it my go to carry on bag flying for skiing or not and same rules above apply.

    It is HUGE!

    clamshell - and boots fit in bottom of Clam shell . and i have the equiv of another bag on the other side.

    Irony is it is pushing the boundaries of US carry on limits. and the only Aussie airline it is technically permitted on is Jet*

    Because it is so huge - weight is a constant issue for carry on. But it rarely gets weighed.

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    The upside with rolling is that a backpack bag is a real pain if you have to cart it round an airport for 8 hours while in transit
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    I had mine weighed with Scoot last year, and I think maybe once with Garuda. Wasn't for a ski trip so all good.

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    This. Though if the transit is at Changi it's all good, they have trolleys in the terminal for your carry-on luggage :)

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    I just get a trolley

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    Buy backpack/daypack within max carry on specs (size). Put first boot in backpack sole down to base of pack, put anything from some bubble rap to a fleece etc over that boot (as a spacer) then put other boot in with sole facing up. You then have a backpack with 2 ski boots which is single boot width. Been doing this for years. Problem with standard boot bags are the boots sit side by side with both soles down, so you end up with a very wide bag which some airlines won't allow as carry on.
    I like the feeling knowing my boots are with me, so if ski's go missing as checked in, it's not all bad.
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    Zimboo is back. Where you been bro?

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    i think its the 7 kilos that are the big killer.

    Welcome back @Zimboo

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    Just flew back from Japan (3 weeks away), went Qantas, came back on Jetstar all on points. (couldn't get Qantas on return as not available). Jetstar (as an example) can be anal about bag size, let alone weight. I watched a Japanese man today get stung about size. He was doing the Japanese thing, at the front, on time, unfortunatley standing out like dogs balls. We just sat back and let the hords enter before entering (in the middle) with backpacks on backs. A pair of boots in backpack is underweight so no problem, it just depends what else you stuff in. I was very confident we were under requirements, but would rather go under the radar.
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    Any recommendations for such a backpack?

    I haven't had any problems with carry on of boots when flying BA, Qantas, Jetstar, Korean & JAL, but that's not to suggest the problems of others didn't occur.

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    There are many.
    I actually used a "old /new" backpack of my sons this year (Dakine backpack which was no longer cool for the young set, as my previous one was pretty shot.
    As long as the backpack is......56cm (height) x 36cm (width) x 23cm (depth).
    It will fit 2 adult male boots 27.5 boots easy with space for computer etc.
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    Cool thanks

    Zimboo Addicted Member

    P.S. and my Fischer Ranger 98's where brilliiant in everything from hard snow to knee deep.
    Love em as my 1 ski Japan ski - all areas in bounds.
    2nd year..............even better.
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    The issue isn't with the All Up Weight on the plane. It is with the weight limit for overhead bins. These can, and do, become detatched from the roof structure in turbulence and hard landings. These then ends up on the heads of pax (ie the person who thought it was clever to put 15kg in their hand luggage)

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    Ive got one of these:
    Yes it is for snowboard boots but fits ski boots just fine, (you could fit 2 pairs if you tried). At 40l capacity It'd be way over carry on if fully packed. I put my boots, helmet and goggles in it as well as my laptop, any other technology and other stuff I don't want to put in checked luggage. It has a couple of good sized pockets on the top and the sides so you can easily separate your stuff for ease of access.
    The trick is not to fully pack it, so if requested it can be stuffed into one of those things that measure the size of your carry on. I do sometimes wish it was on wheels though.

    As an added bonus the inside is fully waterproofed so we use it extensively when at the resort from carrying all the groceries to carrying everyone's après shoes.

    The other half has the douchebag version. Which is great for carrying your boots and goggles but can't fit much more than that.
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    Got me a Sportube Overheader for my last international trip. Zero problems.


    Meets all airline carry-on requirements, is light in itself - you only need to concern yourself with weight if you stuff a lot extra in above your boots. I risked it overpacked on pretty much every leg I flew, and it was never singled out for a weigh anyway because there's always other targets that are larger :). A super comfy backpack. Lots of pockets, no issues fitting boots. Padding for laptops, vents for if things are a bit damp, quality construction. Made me wonder why I dicked around with an old-school strap boot bag for so long.
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    Froff Life

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    I hired a pair of the same this year in Japan, was very surprised at how well they performed, in all types of conditions. Might look at purchasing a pair for myself as an all mountain one quiver ski.
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    I've got Osprey Stratos 26 and even with the curved back a pair of 28.5 boots fit in but the bag does look full.
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    Have a look online at "level9sports" in the US, after the nth hemi season is done. nfip purchased a pair from them last year for about $400 australian delivered if I remember correctly. This years graphic looks sick IMO. I might buy another pair when the prices drop. :)
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    Froff Life

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    Thanks Zim, I am struggling to find a retailer that stocks them in VIC. So overseas sounds like the best option

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    Hmmm BA must make stronger planes then!!

    Hand baggage allowances
    On 18 August, we reduced the size of the handbag/laptop-sized hand bag and updated some of our procedures. These changes will help to speed up the boarding process and ensure our aircraft are ready to depart on time.

    The maximum size of the handbag/laptop bag is now 40cm x 30cm x 15cm (16in x 12in x 6in). The size of the additional cabin bag remains unchanged and should be no larger than 56cm x 45cm x 25cm (22in x 18in x 10in). Both bags can weigh up to 23kgs (51lb) each.

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    Tatonka Flight Barrel. Super light, 1.2kg IIRC and designed in conjunction with IATA to fit within carry-on specs. Includes concealable backpack straps, shoulder strap and carry handles for versatility.

    Best price I found locally was on the interwebz at Squizzy's Golf Balls.
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    person s

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    23kg x 2 for carry-on!! :eek:
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    I thought Air Canada was extraordinarily generous with 2 x 10kg carry on.
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    Who is going to stick 23kg bags in an overhead locker?! I don't want to be sitting anywhere near that.

    It's bad enough now with people filling up the overhead lockers with all sorts of crap before you get there.
    *especially those packing ski boots ;)
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    Right so using the above...

    So we mainly flew SAS inside Europe, they were the ones who insisted our bags were too large for the overhead locker and made us check our bags once... I think we flew 7 or 8 times (a couple of flights were two legs) same plane on some legs no issue on some.

    BA no issue obviously!! well except for 2 bags not making it on the flight out of Amsterdam.

    Thomas cook. did not give one iota of care when boarding that flight .

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    I just bought one for me and one for my wife on this recommendation. They better be good!!

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    Now for the Rangers buzzy.
    person s

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    hmmm ... much as I love my fellow sno infoers ...
    perhaps more research would mean less anxiety

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    I'm passing back all responsibility to FatBoyDave.

    Nah we have Burton ski bags already so I'm comfortable with their stuff, and the dimensions are good, so I'm ok.

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    My stylish French Killy'esque surrender monkey noodle skis will merde all over your Hermanator'esque Austrian fascist war monger skis.

    Just saying.
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    Telemark Phat

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    You forgot the cheese.
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    We just pack them in checked luggage. Never bothered with carrying them on. In all our years of OS ski travel we've had two lots of delayed luggage and in both cases the bags turned up on a later flight and were delivered to the hotel by the morning so no delays to holidays as at this point.

    I usually try and keep my carry on to a minimum - lappy, power adapter, passports and docs for the family, headphones and sleeping tablets. Inevitably end up carrying shit for other family members anyway it seems.
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    Phew! Good luck. I've had that bag for a few years now and it's a pretty handy all round ski bag for weekends away when in OZ too.

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    I hate carrying anything on planes! Check it all in, just buy an extra bag if its needed. Qantas cheap economy gave us 2 x 23 kg bags each this year, and one piece of sporting gear each, also 23kg, which FYI is about 4 sets skis no bindings and a pair of boots:) Pretty much covered us even with childs race kit.

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    Jet* to and from Japan this year - hand luggage weighed and tagged in both directions.
    Very strict - they were making people take things out of bags to make sure each person only had 7 kg - no sharing allowance with kids etc.