Best time to advertise ski gear

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by mauricem, Apr 15, 2012.


    mauricem Active Member

    Have quite a bit of surplus ski gear, most brand new, pants, gloves, boots, goggles etc

    Any thoughts on best time to list it eg

    At start of season eg late June?
    Wait for a big dump and offer buy it now price?
    Now or early May as people start getting prepared?

    Ive only ever sold a pair of boots on ebay before and they sat at a low buy it now price for a few days till it started puking and as soon as they were snapped up there were multiple offers from other buyers (they werent scammers) offering me $100+ on the sold price which unfortunately I had to decline.

    CarveMan Moderator Commercial Member

    Good question - I put a pair of boots on eBay before Xmas and got nada, been thinking about when to re-list them, probably soon.

    2ndeffort Active Member

    Every year I normally sell of the snowboard gear my kids just grew out of plus the annual "clearout of jackets and pants that I didnt like as much as the bargain I just bought from the US!!!" I normally get the best results in May/June when people either book up and get excited about their upcoming ski trip or the week and a half before the Jul School Holidays

    BobGnarly Dedicated Member

    Most people probably don't even think about the snow until july. Then the ebay searches start to boom.

    Nowada Active Member

    I sold my 8yr son's Boots Skis and stocks mid August last year. He had grown about 4" and a whole mondo size since the Feb trip to Japan, It was a mad panic but was able to replace his gear in 5 days off the net for our late August trip to P. I check his growth more frequently now. Never did sell his Jacket, but I shall try in June this year.

    slipnslide Active Member

    Are the classifieds on here worth listing on?

    I have 3 kids' snowboards and various pieces of kids' outerwear I want to sell. It's so hard when they're always growing!

    ODNT Part of the Furniture Season Pass Holder

    I agree, the best time to buy is when all the new releases come out with the hefty prices around now being the time, even though last years stock can drop a bit too. Worst time to sell ive found is when we have end of season sales , as punters may pay a little extra to snag something newer year before stock that didnt sell during season.

    Darksidepoints Active Member

    I have a board to sell that I lugged home from Canada working on the theory that I can get more for it here. My plan is to advertise it at the start of June when all the ski resort staff are starting their training and try to get a sale form one of the Queenslander never seen snow before types who came down without any gear. Going to post a physical sign up at Buller and maybe a gumtree ad? Holy crap there are classifieds on here!

    Buller are training most staff on the weekend of 3/4 June so I'm thinking this will be the best time, will let you know how it goes.

    sly_karma Part of the Furniture Season Pass Holder

    Aren't there any pre-season ski swap events? Killer fundraiser for a non profit ski club or volly patrol.

    fatyeti New Member

    I have always found the best luck selling gear the month before or the first month of the season.