Snow Report Ben Lomond 2016 - Trip reports, pictures & conditions

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    Snowsports have just said that lifts will open this weekend. Whose got the goss on what lifts and when? Getting them up and running for the first time always takes a while.
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    hello - is anybody out there - lets blow the dust off ..

    tows open tomorrow peeps after yesterdays mega snow storm .

    more snow expected this afternoon and again on sunday arvo i think

    Saturday will be a good day

    Snow sports - cafe - ski hire , lessons , rentals etc is open

    pub - I'm not sure about

    but get on it

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    looking good, any idea how much snow has fallen? looks like at least 30cm, report update would be good
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    if anybody reads these as most people get their snow info from facey , Ben Lomond has a good cover of snow . we have had internet problems getting the info out last couple of days but NW snow fell above the ladder all day on Thursday .. the slopes are looking awesome for 1st July . more snow - (even a south easterly ) will blow in on monday dropping i think maybe another 20+ cm on us so things are looking great for a very good 2016 ski season on Ben Lomond :woohoo::woohoo:
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    @BenLomond Iceman

    Between 300 & 700 per day are reading this, plus this page is directly linked from the committee site and still ranks #1 for Google Searches

    So, it's worth someone updating regularly with commentary.
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    a good weekend at benlomond - good skiing on saturday once the cloud cleared - yesterday was very nasty most of the day , wet early & very windy - i expect we will get a very good snowfall on benlomond next 48 hours if the forcast stays true .
    stay tuned

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    How are we looking for Saturday?

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    Not sure yet, we should get an update from the mountain soon.
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    looking like snow from friday - through to next week will hopefully get the tows going again in the near future - stay tuned.

    if your on the mountain this weekend (Saturday night ) the Rover ski club has the annual Ben Lomond Bender:cheers: . all village residents and guests are welcome to attend after 7pm . . its a big night . $10 cover . no BYO please .
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    things are back on track up on the Ben after a week off with poor snow conditions . a slow accumulation of snow over the weekend & with a decent snow fall on sunday night and again last night & continuing today will have things looking good for later in the week and the weekend . friday and saturday look like being good weather days with more snow to come before then . get on up there & use it :woohoo::cheers:
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    the big snow has arrived - more to come too . get on up there its epic

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    Would love to hear of some reports from the Ben and Mawson this weekend.
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    This weekend was very good sking on benlomond . defiantly better cover then the previous weekend with good skiing on the back slope . a great day on saturday with fine weather . sunday was good early but snow started falling in the afternoon .
    There was 2 -3 cm of fresh snow overnight sunday.

    There is snow expected this week which should have the cover looking good by the weekend . get on up and enjoy it

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    Hey guys, it's been a while :)

    Is there a decent base this year? Any idea of outlooks for the next few weeks and months?
    Ben Lomond Brad

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    Base and snow is really good at the moment. Thinning a little in the high use areas, but great patches of snow across the whole mountain.
    Wind has been the biggest issue this season with most snow falling in drifts and not providing a nice even cover

    chunky Old And Crusty

    Where are the pics?
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    its been a long season (Ben Lomond standard ) 8 weeks . this weekend will be the last weekend the tows operate . so if you want your tassie snow fix head on up the ben . Skiing conditions are still good on the back slopes but getting a bit patchy on the front slopes .. until next winter. !
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