B.C. Approves Jumbo Glacier Resort

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    Not sure what to make of this. I'm always up for more ski resorts, especially ones in the Purcell's, but it is sure in an inconvenient location. Takes me 7 hours to get to Panorama from Kelowna, not sure I'd want to trek at least another hour to Jumbo (except maybe for one trip to at least check it out). That would make for an 11 or 12 hour car ride from Vancouver (in conditions that can be.......... stressful.


    It took TWENTY years to get approval!
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    Long way to go before a lift opens. Local govt is against it, lotsa local residents too. And the market isn't great, of course. Getting funding for a new resort in a province already well oversupplied with skiing won't be an easy task. Still, they've certainly had time to hone their business plan...

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    Wow, after doing a poll I discovered 78% of people are against the development of Jumbo.

    It, Reve. and Kicking Horse are the reasons I would consider skiing in Canada again after an extended hiatus.

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    Arne, if you ski there enough and spend enough then maybe there would be an economic justification...........

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    It does seem like one to many destination ski areas for BC, but I wonder whether something like Jumbo might push that region over the edge and create a new wave of ski tourism. It might be extra effort to get there but with four big ski mountains (Panorama included) within a few hours of each other, two of them with really good snow conditions and other good hills not much further away like Fernie, Lake Louise and Sunshine it starts to become very worthwhile to make the effort to get there and hang out for a while in interior BC.
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    it mentions an all year round ski resort, presumably glacier skiing?

    Is than common to BC?

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    The only lift accessed glacier currently is Blackcomb. (Well, Alpine Canada has a T bar on Farnham Glacier near the Jumbo site but you have to hike in). The premise behind Jumbo is they would have a full villagein the sub-alpine with year round lift access to multiple glaciers. The area gets a good bit more snow than Pano (which sits in the infamous "Panorama donut") but as BWR says, who's going to drive another hour past there, Pano is a long bloody way as it is. This thing might work if there was decent air service into the Invermere/Radium area. You are so centrally located there. I guess a 3 hr transfer from Calgary isnt the end of the world if you can set up shop and have your choice of LL, KH, Sunshine, Pano and Jumbo all within an hour and a half. Still, that is available right now (minus Jumbo), yet Radium Hot Springs is hardly jumping in winter.

    It's all very well to offer year round skiing, but how many will take them up on it?

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    And how long will the glacier last?

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    true sly, all those canoodians can come to Thredbo in their summer season!
    Old Hack

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    Too right! If you're so keen to ski all year round, you already can, with a fair bit less community/economical/environmental impact. This proposed resort makes absolutely no sense, other than to real estate developers. This will happen over a lot of local's dead bodies!:

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    To paly the devils advocate, there are more glaciers in BC than anyone could possibly want. Developing one small area isn't going to change the big picture. Accoms will be below treeline, there are already logging roads into the area. My main concern is that it won't be viable and will end up causing a huge kerfuffle for nothing.

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    So what would the skiing be like at Jumbo?

    Crystal Sand skier extraordinaire Moderator

    anyone know if CPAWS have been invloved with Jumbo ?

    zhenjie Active Member

    I'm sure they would take that into consideration? Certainly wont disappear overnight and long enough for its commercial life.
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    'cause ****it, thats all glaciers are good for. Commercial skiing. ching ching.

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    I'll also add:

    Capitalist: Don't tax me for carbon production. You can't guess what the climate will be in the future. Too complicated. Impossible!

    Capitalist: We will build a ski 'resort' on a glacier. We have taken into account the lifetime of the glacier and it is longer than the commercial life of this ski resort. This is trivial. Next question.