Asahi Dake Summit climb

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    A couple of pics from a hard day in the hills. Asahi Dake, the highest peak in Hokkaido, is 2290 m. Today we climbed it from the car park (1100m vertical) as the lift is yet to open for the season. Great climb if anyone over this way (although better when the lift can take you had way up!), although summit can be bitter, and today was close, with a very cold strong wind on the top 3oo metres. Snow was pretty cruddy down low due to a November warm spell but great wind blown in the steep gullies on the north side on the descent, as well as some early season new scratches on the skis courtesy of the rocky ridge lines to the north. For the tech heads, Rossi Soul 7 and DPS 105. We used skins to about 1800, then skins and ski crampons, which if you haven't used them, are superb, particularly when traversing, as you lose skin grip but these babies hang on. We both used G3 ION with ski crampons, then boot crampons on the icy upper ridge. Skiing was very good in those steep gullies, but low-down in the trees, like a good Aussie crust with 2 cm of powder over the top. Hard work.

    Climbing up through the trees
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    Above the top of the gondola.
    [​IMG] [/URL]

    Spin drift on the summit ridge. Andy climbing with skins and ski crampons.

    Cramponing around the last mini peak before the summit ridge.

    Andy on the summit of Asahi Dake 2290m

    Descending the north facing gullies
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    Good on you guys for getting up there so early. Thanks for the report.

    That exposed section when you're forced off the ridge is usually sketchy with icy-scoured-rocky combo - definitely the crux of that climb.
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    Top stuff will be up that way in Feb. Would you recommend both boot & ski crampons for this area ?

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    Sure was my experience. Snowshoes, snowboard boots and no boot crampons = going no further.

    Was a cracking spring day, though. A photo from many years ago...


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    Yes I'd recommend both. Ive done it with and without boot crampons, and must admit prefer to have boot crampons but I wouldn't say they were absolutely necessary. The crux around the mini peak before the final ridge pretty much stays icy all winter as too windy and dry for snow to stick to those ridges.
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    Nice early season workout.

    Hope you have a great season.