Any snow (Sat 28/05/16)? Cameras seem to be down.

Discussion in 'Lake Mountain' started by KPD, May 28, 2016.


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    Anyone know if any snow has fallen today/this arvo (Sat 28/5)? Thinking of going up tomorrow morning for a bit of snowplay / site seeing with the kids. But cameras don't seem to be working so don't know if it'll be worth it. Only need a couple of centimetres.

    teckel Old And Crusty Season Pass Gold

    KPD - I think they've deliberately turned the cameras off because there's a car rally there this weekend. I doubt that you'll get there because of that. They did tell me on Friday that they will let people up at regular intervals. You may have to be patient, and you will only get back down when they allow you to get down. Unfortunately I cannot tell you the state of the snow - they don't answer phones on weekends except in the ski season.

    KPD Active Member

    Thanks for info. I just googled the rally to see what'll be going. Those guys are nuts! Good day to give it a miss I think.

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    They still seem to be down, any updates on when they might be back up?

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    Some Cams Are Up....
    At The Moment.......

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    looks like they've moved some around too!