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    MetroView is a Newcastle based software development company, announcing our new app “Snowzat” for the snow industry.

    The app features:-
    • All mainland Australian resorts in 3D detail.
    • Find Someone on the slopes - setup a social group and have your friends marked on the map).
    • Navigation around the mountain, including through open space and real time lift closures.
    • Tracks your stats in any resort (whether with RF gates or not), competes against others using actual KM travelled (not vertical metres). [Released next week]
    • Weather, webcams and resort report / lift status.
    • Wind direction shaded on the map.
    • Looks after your battery, will run the GPS and comms all day through some trickery (of course depends on what else you do).
    This is our first release, with other new features already nearly completed. We’ve been passionate skiers and boarders for many years (occasional posters on this site).

    We welcome your feedback.

    The app is free, and available on iPhone (Android not yet available sorry). (Video)
    marv hucker

    marv hucker Dedicated Member

    How's it deal with cruddy coverage?

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    You won't be able to share your location if you have no comms at all, and of course realtime weather, cams etc won't be available. If you have poor comms you will often still get a few bytes through sometimes enough to share your position as it is a small message.

    Other than above, all data and navigation is pre-installed so coverage and data usage is not required. Your stats tracking does not require an internet connection, just GPS.

    The app is 20mb on the app store including the data.
    person s

    person s Old And Crusty Season Pass Gold

    doesn't seem to download from that web page
    can't see it in App Store
    [ok, got it now]

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    Unfortunately we can't offer an install off our website as Apple does not allow it.

    The app is currently iPhone (not iPad) so that might be why you don't see it, or do you have an old iOS prior to 8? Or of course Apple may also just be a bit slow in propagating the new app around all their servers, although hope not they have had all day and it shows up for us a while ago. Hope you can get it installed, happy to help further of course.
    Hanz Onyawaif

    Hanz Onyawaif Active Member

    Great Idea! Can't wait to try it next wee... Oh damn I need a newer phone! Will be recommending to mates that own newer phones!
    person s

    person s Old And Crusty Season Pass Gold

    yep, first tried with ipad
    I was surprised that clicking the App Store logo didn't take me to the download

    Jellybeans1000 Dedicated Member Season Pass Gold

    I love the app, just waiting for an android version and though I do prefer vertical metres as a measurement of how far you go, kilometres works fine. This probably won't replace the RFID tracking system at Perisher but will sure do a treat in Victoria and Thredbo. Also love the wind overlay :D

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    SnowZat is now available on both Android and iPhone. Full 3D Coverage now includes:-

    • Big White
    • Sun Peaks
    • Whistler-Blackcomb
    • Furano
    • Kiroro
    • Niseko
    • Rusutsu
    • Tomamu
    • Hakuba
    • Nozawa Onsen
    • Shiga Kogen
    • Kagura-Naeba
    • Myoko Kogen
    • Big Bear Lake
    • China Peak
    • Dodge Ridge
    • Heavenly
    • Homewood
    • Kirkwood
    • Mammoth Lakes-June Mountain
    • Mountain High
    • Mt Baldy
    • Mt Shasta
    • Mt Waterman
    • Northstar
    • Sierra-At-Tahoe
    • Snow Valley
    • Squaw Valley-Alpine Meadows
    • Truckee District
      • Boreal
      • Soda Springs
      • Sugar Bowl
      • Donner Ski Ranch
      • Tahoe Donner
    • Yosemite Ski and Board
    • Arapahoe Basin
    • Aspen
    • Beaver Creek
    • Breckenridge
    • Copper Mountain
    • Eldora
    • Keystone
    • Loveland
    • Telluride
    • Vail
    • Winter Park
    • Alta-Snowbird
    • Park City-Deer Valley-Canyons
    • Solitude-Brighton

    We will be adding New Zealand (expecting every resort) for the southern winter as well as some other gaming features.

    Merry Christmas to everyone. Appreciate the community feedback we have received so far.
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    Marty_McSly Addicted Member Season Pass Gold

    Very timely. I'll load it onto my droid before heading off to Sun Peaks and Whistler next month and take it for a spin.

    Nozawaman Addicted Member Season Pass Gold

    Is this an extension of ?
    Logo looks very similar . Why not not just promote it as such ?

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    We aren't any relation to the owners of this site, just happen to be a software company in the same town.

    gpatech Active Member

    Integration with Recon Snow 2 would be nice. ....

    Xwing Active Member

    running Android 4.4 - it says my device is not compatible with the app

    MetroView Just Registered Season Pass Gold

    Android 5.0 (Lollipop) is the minimum. With the 3D drawing there are some older versions that don't have some needed functions.