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    Will they meet the Vic requirements for 4wd vehicles? Most people I know who go down to Vic resorts from NSW hire chains. The Aldi chains could be just what is required purely for show purposes.

    After being in a Japanese ski resort for 2 months early this year I think the occasions when chains are needed on a 4wd would be rare. My neighbour over there has never used chains on his 4wd. Roads regulalry buried by 1/2 a metre of snow etc. I had quite a few interesting experiences when he gave me lifts. It was sort of like skiing on ice. I don't think we were ever actually out of control but if he had of done the wrong thing we would have been in trouble.

    teckel Old And Crusty Commercial Member

    I wonder if they comply with Austrian Standard ONORM. V5117
    Selling them at $30, and knowing something about Aldi's markup levels, they're probably getting them at about $5 - which wouldn't even pay for the steel.

    GraemeA New Member

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    Nowada Active Member

    This is bad GraemeA. I just tried those above and the ones I was looking at, now I cant get them either. I could suggest you contact them and say they are unavailable over here.

    GraemeA New Member

    Darn, just had a live chat with them, here's the transcript....

    Brenda: How may I assist you today?

    Graeme: Hi, I am in Australia, and am interested in some items (like the one below), but it says at the bottom of the description "US Shipping only". Is there any way that these items can be shipped to Australia?


    Brenda: I am sorry we are not able to ship this items out of the US. There is no way around it.

    Graeme: ok, thanks

    Going to have to ask an ex-pat friend to do some forwarding......

    It's pretty impressive they have 24x7 live chat.
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    Madski Active Member

    Bongous is pretty good as a mail forwarder

    Barras Active Member

    I just bought 2 Giro G10 helmets from STP which said they wouldn't ship to AUS, i also bought a pair of socks and pants, i then set the postage to my freight forwarder in California, but i paid via PayPal, the default PayPal shipping address over wrote the freight forwarders address, and they shipped everything to my PayPal address, which was Melbourne $60.85 AUD shipping.
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    GraemeA New Member

    Be interesting to see if they pick up the change and stop the order, it's a nice loophole if it stays open. The wife and I just made a list of about 20 things we would like.....

    Barras Active Member

    All arrived last Tuesday [​IMG]
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    GraemeA New Member

    Nice :) I'll organise a plan A just in case, and give it a go....

    weerab Dedicated Member

    Just picked up a few pairs of socks and a couple of bottles of wine. The clothing doesn't look half bad and they still have a few sets of skis for sale,

    DisplayName New Member

    went to aldi this morning in chatswoood, so many mums running around loading trolleys up to the top with childrens jackets and such, utter choas. bought a pair of pants, thermals and a neck warmer. the pants actually seem half decent surprisingly

    Courtup2 Active Member

    Lined up with 50-100 people at Hamilton store before it opened. Walked out an hour later $1000 lighter but with everything I wanted. Kited the whole family plus. Quality looks very good.
    My empty trolley was stolen before I dumped the first handful of stuff in there and had to wait a number of times for boxes to be opened with more sizes but all in all a good day out.....oh but they double charged me for an extra jacket - so hoping I look honest when I ask for a refund.
    Tips for next year: take a friend to man a trolley and another friend to help find the stuff your after

    CarveMan Moderator Commercial Member

    Went to Aldi just to do the shopping, forgot about the sale but picked up a couple of pairs of socks.

    Missed out on the Merino zip neck tops, might have got a couple of them too.

    featherplucker Active Member

    Got a weeks worth of socks, a thermal and the LAST merino wool top in (just so happen to a large too!) - apparently there were barely any of the merino tops shipped out. Any thoughts on the pants? I might get a pair as backup - hmmmm. Also, crazy soccer mums erry'where!

    skichanger Dedicated Member

    Cooma Aldi 8.30 this morning - car park full! Women's snowboard pants 3 pairs left, ski bags all gone etc. Was complete mayhem. We were lucky to get most of what we wanted, just some pants for me and ski bags missed.

    MarkGC Dedicated Member

    Come to Casino, you'll still be able to buy 80% of the range in late June.

    We got a bunch of thermals etc, but the real find was the $70 set of four rechargeable walkie talkies with chargers. Now they may not go the distance at the snow, but the range around my neighbourhood is great. Beats the pants off all the kids walkie talkies they have had and the price was very similar.

    BH Dedicated Member

    I bought the compression pants and put them on straight away have worn them all day and not happy...bugger all support around the buttocks and waist they keep falling down- They do feel nice and snug around the calf so I am thinking of cutting them and using as a sock.

    GraemeA New Member

    Got a weeks worth of the socks, seemed reasonable value....

    SAL Active Member

    Got the liner gloves that are touchphone compatible. $7 a pair.

    Arne Active Member

    My wife went a little crazy and spent over $300 on gear for the kids. At first I flipped out but on closer inspection I was impressed with quality and value. Will keep them very warm, dry and happy.
    Dusty B

    Dusty B Dedicated Member

    Got there at 8.10am yesterday morning and hung out with a coffee, by the time the shop opened at 8.30am, about 50 people. Everyone was moving quick, but well mannered, no carnage and helping each other out (thanks to the lady with the 5 year old son who tried on some gloves to help us match size for our kids).

    Got snowboard pants and jacket (Miss 3). Quality is not bad. Mittens, I am a bit weary on these, not confident that they will be OK.
    Bib and brace and jacket for (Mr 5), again looks decent. Gloves - again not confident.
    Ski socks for both - look OK, not sure how long they will last, we will see.
    Compression pants for me and Mrs - Much better then the Aldi compressions last year. Great on lower half of the leg, could be a little tighter on the upper half.
    Goggles for both kids, seemed to be pretty good.
    2 of the snow racer/sled thingys with the joystick. Haven't opened the box yet.

    Fairly decent value for money. See how we go.

    Born2ski Part of the Furniture

    Went to a store in Brisbane yesterday around lunch. Lots of people going through the gear but still plenty left.
    Picked up
    Thermal underwear sets for the wife and kids
    Two pairs of gloves
    Snowboard bag
    A pair of goggles for my litte boy

    snowgirl44 New Member

    I was in the Wollongong store at lunch today and I was suprised to see how much gear was still there, no organisation to the piles, looks like they just dumped everything in the wire baskets. I didn't make any winter purchases was just there for a grocery shop but there were plenty of punters getting amongst the madness picking up some bargins.

    powderhog Addicted Member

    It amazes me how many people buy gear from Aldi. If you are happy with this standard/quality of gear, you can go to Rebel any time through the winter and buy gear at the same price or cheaper, that is better quality.

    teckel Old And Crusty Commercial Member

    Only available in Vic. I think that answers the question. NSW regs specify ONORM V5227, Vic regs don't. And only available in 3 sizes [​IMG] I can lots of people turning up with Aldi chains that are the wrong size for their car.
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    featherplucker Active Member

    No way, Rebel Sports price points are MUCH higher than Aldi! A lot of the quality is similar eg ROJO and Elude gear, a lot is better too, like Vigilante, Salomon etc - but no way are prices mostly similar. I'd know too, I ran the ski department at my store.
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    MarkGC Dedicated Member

    I have name brand gear that has not held up as well as the Aldi stuff. There are some things they are better at than others. I'm not sure I would be happy with the gloves, but who really needs name brand top notch thermals for Aussie conditions?

    In Japan this year we bought ski jacket and pants for two of our kids and were so displeased with them we have now replaced them with the Aldi stuff.

    I find it difficult to spend over $300 for jacket and pants that I will only get a season or two out of (cause the damn kids grow too fast), but in comparison to hire gear the Aldi stuff holds up really well.

    Finally having the kids all kitted out besides boots and skis means the god awful experience that is the trip to the ski hire joint is significantly shortened.
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    3decks Dedicated Member

    Im a little bit disappointed that the wool socks are only 60% wool.

    I had a pair from last year that lastest quite well so I thought Id get some more this year but they are significantly different despite being wool ski socks from the same brand "Crane"

    I guess wool socks are like "meat" pies.

    Donza Facebook Moderator Social Media Mod Season Pass Holder

    Its always like that..
    I was there as well
    The kids ski socks are epic..epic
    for $5.99 they feel nice, wash well. Fit perfectly.
    Its been so hard to find kids socks at a decent price.
    Also picked up some skivvys for junior. Very tidy.
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    climberman CloudRide1000 Legend Season Pass Holder

    Still some stuff at Fairy Meadow.

    Donza Facebook Moderator Social Media Mod Season Pass Holder

    Yeah wifey was in getting more skivvys today
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    climberman CloudRide1000 Legend Season Pass Holder

    At $39 for pants, and the same for a jacket, that might get 8 days a year for two years.... yeah, my kids can deal with it. Better than hire gear, surprising amount of features, and I'm not springing for brand name stuff that'll get grown out of or covered in hot chocolate and tomato sauce.
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    parkmonkey Old And Crusty Season Pass Holder

    Might have a look in the Ballina store thurday or friday on the way home, Byron store opens tomorrow.

    Mils Dedicated Member

    Tried to pick up a helmet for my youngest.

    not a chance all goooone!

    blutek Dedicated Member

    as an alternative, found Kathmandu kids fleece jumpers (half zip) up to size 12 at $30 down from $100.

    sourmash Active Member

    As seen in Aldi North Sydney today - Love the binding set up, ready for the mountain, no tools required...

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    2nd_String_QB Active Member

    That's an accident waiting to happen.

    Should buy it and walk straight into a lawyer's office so all the papers can be prepared before I even use it.

    teckel Old And Crusty Commercial Member

    Found the same in Narby and $30 is the regular price. Thick fleece too.
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    KTI New Member

    what a s..tfight.

    Happened to be in an Aldi stor last Sat morning.

    Seems they only had about 20 jackets in total & people were fighting over them.

    Had a quick look.

    Quality was average, but what can you expect at those prices.

    Gloves wern't good at all.

    Some of their breathability claims seemed a bit rubbery.

    Must have some impact on rental clothing at shops.

    Got the impression that all Aldi snow gear is left over from European winter. Think they have 3000+ stores in Europe.

    Tritters New Member

    I know its an older post but can anyone confirm that discount key?
    And going to the melbourne city aldi tomorrow hopefully they at least have some socks left...

    tbnext Dedicated Member

    Guys don't be nasty about aldi, it serves a purpose. It's awesome for the first day skier, by all accounts it's awesome for ski shops and it delivers some good product to ski families. We pay way too much for ski gear in aus, power to them.

    Jamesc Active Member

    Was at Winston Hills aldi this afternoon they had plenty of helmets etc left

    Nowada Active Member

    Welcome to the Forum Tritters

    That deal has long gone . The current one is 50% off already discounted gear. Key code is UNF3777V. It should last another day. I'll be interested if they will ship what you want. Name brands are cracking down on what STP are allowed to send here.
    Socks and thermals at aldi are pretty good.

    rocketboy Active Member

    Finally got to Aldi Shellharbour today - daughter unit got a new jacket and pants - very warm with plenty of pockets - if like the current set they wear as well then they should last a few seasons. A few pairs of socks were left and the Philip Adams polo neck skivies were still about - got a red one for myself and a fluoro green for the son - he was stoked. Though his pants were a tad small and will be returned along with the junk quality ipod speakers - but it's always a bit hit and miss with Aldi - sometimes it's a quality bargain - sometimes you wonder why they bother stocking the junk. Still think they should sell boards and skis for kids - they will hit the right price point for families who want to go a couple of weekends a year and don't want to pay top dollar for 2 day hire.

    Nowada Active Member

    Actually just got a new deal in from Sierra trding post. 60 to 90% off key code is UMZ5369W.

    Ralph_implement Dedicated Member

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    skiflat New Member

    I'd say that most Aldi tents and sleeping bags wouldn't make it much further than the backyard

    However the wording "Extreme Condition Hiking Tent" does make me LAWL

    Ralph_implement Dedicated Member

    They could be fine, but for $69 its hard to imagine.

    It would take some knackers or a few very easy escape BC trips before I would rely on it in "Extreme Conditions".