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    LOL kinda, but more:

    'Implemented', as in "paid plenty of money for a report that we then talked plenty about to make it look like we were taking the idea seriously, but we make far more money off taxis, cars, parking, and fuel excise and wouldn't dream of spending billions of dollars on such a project"
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    Standard tactic of governments worldwide. So old even the ancient Roman's thought it was old.
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    there is a serious angle
    the airports were formerly Cw govt territory until they sold them off, and administratively they remain within that jurisdiction
    rail is generally state-funded infrastructure and the state treasury would probably resist a proposal to commit funds that don't directly serve state govt priorities
    thus would be why Baird said he wanted to see Cw money before he agreed to funding rail to Badgery's Creek

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    Recently paid $150 for 3 weeks at Brisbane airport (long term - undercover).
    Coming from the Sunshine Coast where a return shuttle to the Brisbane airport costs $88 per person, it's a no brainer driving down and parking unless you are travelling solo.
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    From Wiki briefly
    He also drew up the whole freeway structure for Melbourne, which is largely what we have/have planned today. Regardless of anything else, no one can say he wasn't a visionary.

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    Why should bookings be cheaper than drive-up? There are no fewer/extra overheads with either. It's a wank to pretend it's affordable. Drive-ups are way overcharged and are subsidising the bookings.

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    Why do last minute airfares cost more? It costs the same to the airline if you booked 330 days out or the same day.
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    Supply is only half of the pricing equation. Demand (aka "what you're willing to pay") is the other.
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    The airlines have structured their business model this way. As with any business they are free to set and change their price at anytime. They're in business to make money, and that's just the way it is.