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    Hi all,

    Has anyone flown from Syd-Vancouver via Auckland return with Air NZ. Looking at this as an option for a semi direct route.

    I am looking at flights for late December 2017 for 4 for 3 weeks travel after our 2016 plans had to be cancelled.

    A few questions for those who may have used the service before.

    Are your bags checked direct to Vancouver from Sydney ?

    What happens at Auckland airport ? Do you have to go through security checks again or are you in a transit area ?

    Any problems taking ski bags etc ? Cost for extra bag ?

    Any other issues or experiences would be great.


    Jellybeans1000 Dedicated Member

    Your bags should go through to Vancouver from Sydney. When I transited through Auckland, you go through security (metal dectector, carry on X-ray) and then you are back into the International departure lounge.
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    skivet Active Member

    What is the price like? We are thinking of doing similar but in Feb 2018.

    Amelia1810 Active Member

    We have done Adelaide-Vancouver with AirNZ and doing again this year.
    Yes bags are checked all the way through. From Adelaide the wait in Auckland is very short, only had about an hour and a bit more coming back. We had to get our carry on scanned again and the 'full water bottles' have to be tossed - all that sort of thing.
    I believe extra bags are only $1 at present when you're buying tickets you can select to add another. We had no issues with our ski bag. Enjoyed the flight, meals, service.
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    benchives Part of the Furniture Season Pass Gold

    Air bro is a pretty neat product for trans pacific if you don't mind chilling in Auckland for a while
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    luvthabumps Addicted Member Season Pass Gold

    done it both directions to and from MEL in the past month. So easy with just the single bag check. The layover in Auckland was fine in both directions, just a very quick walk through security check with no lines. Ski bags were no issue, loaded to max weight. You can buy an extra bag - online is cheaper (can't recall the cost) We were up the front (which is fantastic) but I've flown long haul with them to LA before as well and it was good. They are a great airline and have some great deals at various times of year.

    I was happy to forgo QF status credits for the simplified route and not having to recheck bags in LAX.
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    Piste Again

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    We did it 2 years ago, though we went from Sydney through Wellington and drove up to Auckland. Trivially easy. Check in the bags, get 'em back at the other end. No US immigration & customs, no lugging bags mid-flight. Our next Canada trip will be either Qantas nonstop if they're not too expensive, otherwise AirNZ wins hands down.

    CJP Active Member

    Thanks for the answers, looks like a good semi direct option that are a lot cheaper than AC.

    Went AC last time and while ok, my 2 kids are now adult fares so looking at all options without the LAX transfers.

    Prices are not out yet for my return dates so will have to wait and see...

    Gimped Active Member

    Watching thread with interest!

    Chalkie Dedicated Member Season Pass Gold

    Agree 100%. Going Air NZ to YVR for Christmas 2017 / Jan 2018, ex MEL. It is sooooo much better than having to go through Sydney to connect to QF or AC (if you are from somewhere other than Sydney), or using QF to go via LAX or SFO.

    We've been with Air NZ to YVR before and it was terrific. The departure and I think most importantly arrival times are pretty civilised. You land at YVR at around noon/1pm, which means if you're heading straight to Whistler you arrive at about 4pm or so (after the various necessary but still irritating schlepping such as clearing immigration and collecting luggage and getting on bus / in car etc), which is perfect timing to check in to hotel, buy lift passes, rent skis, get some groceries, then have an early-ish dinner before getting a really good night's sleep ready for fun the next day.

    Like luvthabumps, we've been happy forgo QF points and status credits to avoid the horror of a LAX or SFO connection. The connection through AKL is very straightforward and quick and AKL airport is a nice enough place to spend the connection time - decent coffee and food and good duty free prices on your bottle of 42 below vodka!

    If you're able to fly up front, it's perfect. Lounge access in SYD and AKL, and on the return journey (YVR departure at about 6pm, so if you're totally die hard you can can ski the morning of your last day!) being able to have a shower in AKL in transit is pretty luxurious.

    Air NZ also offers the Skycouch, which creates a more comfortable space across three economy seats, and premium economy cabins.

    All that said, QF does do a seasonal SYD-YVR return service in Dec/Jan, with Monday, Thursday and Saturday departures ex-SYD, and Monday, Thursday and Saturday return ex YVR. Flight times are good (although I think slightly better with Air NZ).

    Currently for late Dec (28/12) departure/18 Jan return, QF offering lowest economy at $2,733 rtn on the SYD-YVR-SYD route, Air NZ is $2,189. You can get cheaper on QF to bring it closer to Air NZ, but it involves going via SFO - too irritating for words!

    I know this sounds a bit like astroturfing for Air NZ, but I do at least two and often more transpac crossings for work every year, and I go to YVR a couple of times a year (have family there - going in March in fact) - mostly I have to do it on QF via LAX (as I am in March), but when I am going for fun and straight to YVR on my own dime, as I said I forgo the QF points and status credits for what I've found to be a better way.

    bdenny4 Dedicated Member

    Loved Air NZ when we travelled with them 3 years ago to Vancouver from/to Melbs.
    Planes & staff are great and it is sooooooooooooooooo much better than doing LAX.
    Price is great (OK we flew bus, but even then a LOT less than Q)
    Not one issue with ski bags, transit or anything else.

    I would definitely recommend and would travel with them again
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    Spyder_Man Active Member

    Ok guys, im doing the late December 2017 to mid jan 2018 run... so im on the hunt for 2 tickets to YVR...
    Whats the likely hood of getting tickets below 1500 during that period ???
    Ohh forgot to mention, melb yvr
    Piste Again

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    Just hop on airnz's website and do a booking far enough to see the prices and flights.
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    Astro66 Still looking for a park in Thredbo

    Melb > YVR is an expensive route. You can get a $1500 airfare but it's a 30hr flight with Air China. 9hr stop over in Beijing.


    Chalkie Dedicated Member Season Pass Gold

    This is unlikely. It is peak travel time. You might get lucky with a sale at some point but who knows.

    Currently the cheapest economy fares I can see are (all net of taxes, so there will be more costs at point of sale):

    Cathay Pacific MEL-HKG-YVR return = A$1,838
    Air New Zealand MEL-AKL-YVR return = $1,886
    Qantas MEL-LAX-YVR return = $1,936

    There is a fare being offered by Asiana Airlines (Korean carrier) for A$1,450, but the routing is crazy - either MEL-HKG-ICN-YVR or MEL-SIN-ICN-YVR. 22 hours actual flying time, plus schlepping at either end and connection times. So 30h+ travel time. My recommendation is pay a few hundred extra and save the time and hassle.

    I'd recommend to start budgeting/adjusting your expectations about fares for the MEL-YVR route.
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    Spyder_Man Active Member

    Yeah thats the problem, its a milk run... trying to see if qantas or Air New Zealand offer something close to that...

    Spyder_Man Active Member

    The qantas route could be doable price wise if i use some frequent flyer points or is it not advisable for these flights ?

    Spyder_Man Active Member

    Whats the cheaps flights you have seen offered for travel during this period in past yrs ???
    Im trying to read the play... if 2k is the all day every day price, then its not worth jumping on at this point, if 1700 is offered, is that conisidered a bargin to jump on or sit tight for a price better than that... ?

    Marty_McSly Addicted Member Season Pass Gold

    Are there direct MEL/BNE flights? You might get sharper pricing on QF or AC direct BNE/YVR than other routes when the airlines have sales. I've seen days when SYD/BNE/YVR is cheaper than SYD/YVR direct.

    Chalkie Dedicated Member Season Pass Gold

    For that time of year, if you can get anything below $1,700, you're doing very well. You'll be travelling at the absolute peak though for MEL/SYD/BNE-YVR (late Dec to mid January).

    The sales are unpredictable. I'd probably sit tight for another month or so, and keep an eye on the fares. You can check via the airline websites, and most offer the ability to subscribe to alerts for sales.
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    Marty_McSly Addicted Member Season Pass Gold

    IIRC there were good prices for Dec/Jan flights to the USA and Canada late April or early May 2 years ago. Around the time of the great David Andrews LAX $1000 meltdown.
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    Spyder_Man Active Member

    Yeah i'll sit tight for a little longer...

    Spyder_Man Active Member

    Ok folks
    It seems like a bargin of the century, but ive managed to get hold of "flights' leaving dec 20 2017 flying MLB to NY via houston on AirNZ and fly out of NY on the 28th for vegas to spend nye there and then on the 3rd of jan 2018 flying out to Vancouver, spend 10 days in whistler and then Vancouver to melbourne via Auckland with Air NZ...
    Price wise $ 2650
    To me it sounds like a good price for that time of year, but not sure if its a super dooper price to jump at asap...

    Chalkie Dedicated Member Season Pass Gold

    That is a good price - well done.

    (PS: Airport 3 letter code for Melbourne, Australia is MEL. MLB is Melbourne, Florida.)

    Harper11 Part of the Furniture Season Pass Gold

    No wonder it was cheap then

    Spyder_Man Active Member

    Hahaha thank you for that, i thought it felt funny when i was writting it....
    Best i stick to my day job me thinks !