Advice needed for White Christmas pls!

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    HI all, so I have stumbles across this forum and everyone seems so helpful posting pics etc! :) Im from QLD and have never seen snow and want to have a White Christmas.. Im looking for the best place to go - that will have the MOST Christmassy feel (and snow) as I wont get this opportunity to do this again! Im turning 40 and travelling with my sister so not looking for a romantic getaway! But want to experience everything and anything!! Skiing , boarding, everything nature, sledding , snow shoeing etc .. I have from around Dec 17th to Jan 4th avail , so any suggestions or recommendations would be amazing as I know I gotta book early! Thank you so much!!

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    Did you have any country in mind? Probably Europe for that real Christmassy feel because of its traditions, chalets, traditional xmas scenes. But don't rule out Canada, US or even Japan (although Japan won't be so Christmassy, but very snowy). Others here will be able to advise more specifically.

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    You'll have to narrow down your question somewhat! Anything else you want to see or do as part of this trip?
    Tacha Mulligan

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    Hi! Sorry yes I should have mentioned where to go! I was thinking Canada or US- simply for $$ and feels , I don't think I can afford Europe right now and as I'm only looking at a couple of weeks , If Im going to do Europe I want to do it right with a month or so! :) Japan - I hear the snow is amaze, but I don't think it will have the Xmas feel I am looking for? So Im thinking Canada or US .. This trip for me is really just about the White Christmas aspect of it as I wont get annual leave off at that time again and its really my only chance- so yep I'm looking for the postcard cliche White Christmas ! :)

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    Check out Whistler, Banff and the Quebec region in Canada. Vancouver may have snow at that time of year, but it's less likely as it's at sea level.

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    Europe doesn't have to be any more expensive than North America. You can get some amazingly cheap airfares to Europe these days.

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    Europe is a gamble for xmas snow, particularly in the towns/cities.... pays off big time when it does, its great. Longer odds

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    Somewhere like Sun Peaks would be good. Pretty village and good resort for beginners. Christmas/new year will be expensive and busy though.
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    Interior BC. Big White, Silver Star, Sun Peaks. Xmas Carolling, Xmas trees in the snow. Village Vibe. Usually starts snowing in Nov.
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    Just took the family for a White Christmas in Sun Peaks. An unforgettable experience. Met all your requirements - Skiing, snow shoeing,dog sled,snow mobile, snow covered pine trees, friendly crowd and very cold and lots of snow. So good in fact that we are going back again though not over the Christmas New Year period. You will find the accommodation is very expensive during that time as its North American holiday time. Which ever resort you select I dont think you'll be disappointed.

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    We've done Christmas at Sun Peaks, fantastic. And there is typically a decent size Aussie crew there that will welcome you, and make you a part of the family (even if you don't want to be LOL ) A big Christmas dinner is also typically arranged.

    If you just want the snowy festivities, but not necessarily the mountain/skiing, then Leavenworth in Washington USA has a big reputation

    The bigger upside with Canada is that costs are probably cheaper given the relative strength of the US$ at the moment, and you can spend a few days in Vancouver looking at this sort of thing

    Japan doesnt celebrate Christmas, and much of Europe might still be quite green

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    I have been waiting for some of these others to weigh in first.

    We did a great Christmas at big white. I think any interior BC resort won't let you down, so you can choose based on your skiing ability. We have also done a January trip to Sun Peaks and agree with Gareth that it is a very friendly mountain and things get cheaper after new year.