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Outdoor Gear 4 season 1 person tent

Discussion in 'Gear Swap - Buy, Sell & Trade' started by Ajmit321, Feb 11, 2017.


    Ajmit321 Active Member

    Hey hey anyone got a 1 to 1.5kg 4 season tent in good condition. Has to stand up to NZ alpine environment and be 1-2 person.

    Eg . Black Diamond FirstLight etc ?
    Team Weasel

    Team Weasel Active Member

    Just wondering - have you been up high in NZ before? Some of the huts don't stand up to the conditions.

    Get an NZAC membership. It will reduce the cost of using the huts. The weather over there has the capacity to destroy any tent, and if you dig it in / build snow blocks around it, you will still have to dig it out during the storms. You will also have a shit time if you are stuck in a tent for days on end during the aforementioned weather.

    By all means have the capacity to bivvy and have some big, long days, but a tent in the NZ alpine is a very temporary structure. Use the huts!
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    Ajmit321 Active Member

    Cheers . @Team Weasel thank you for your advice. 1st year over there, probably need to engage brain more. Stayed in a few huts there they are preferable to a long stay in a light small tent as you say .
    Legs Akimbo

    Legs Akimbo Part of the Furniture Season Pass Gold

    The description of the climate down there is a rainy season from 1 August to 31 July, with occasional droughts lasting up to 5 days. Even in the valleys sitting in a small tent for a few days would cause tent fever pretty quickly.

    firstlight Active Member

    Id go with this one.
    Nemo Tenshi

    This is bomber. only problem is the internal pole design take a bit of practice to make work quickly
    I've 3 single wall tents and this is the best for codensation build up.
    My others are the

    Northface Assult
    Easy to put up but struggles in high wind

    Salewa XPD Altitude Tent
    Good as it has the highest roof and longer for more room
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    Moondog55 Active Member

    I've no experience in NZ but even so I'd go with something designed over there, which really means one of the established Macpac designs, I guess the Olympus would be what I would consider the minimum although I have the Fairydown version of the Plateau. If it was I going I'd be staying in huts as much as possible