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    Hi all,

    I am new to this, so please forgive any mistakes/silly questions I have.

    So just some basic information about me. I am 17 years old (I will be 18 by the start of next season). After I finish school, I am planning to spend a full season in Val D'isere - Tignes, or as close to it as I can. I don't have any suitable gear (need skis/boots/bindings/jackets/pants/gloves/helmet etc.), and I am a relatively experienced/advanced skier - I have been skiing since I was 3, mostly doing 7 days a season, though in recent years more like 4. I have had lessons most years and can comfortably handle black runs. I have never skied outside Australia, can usually handle all runs in Thredbo/Perisher. Obviously being young, I am on a tight budget.

    Being young, naive and new to travelling on my own, I was hoping I could get some advice and knowledge particularly regarding costs, but also any other general advice pertaining to issues and things to consider when spending a (first) season.

    At the moment, I have these current, relatively vague estimates for expenses (all in AUD):

    - Travel: ~1600 (return)
    - Accommodation: ~3300 (for 5.5 months)
    - Gear: ~1700
    - Lift pass: 1750
    - Food/expenses: ~1650
    - Lessons: ~1000

    - Total: ~11000

    I realise that is pushing it, but do you think it is possible to pull it off for about that much money?

    If you need me to clarify anything or provide more information, please ask!

    I really appreciate any advice you have.

    tl;dr 18yo, first full season skiing - how much will it cost? Any other advice?

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    Totally doable, my 18yr cousin just did her first ever season, at a resort town east of Chamonix. She borrowed and begged for a lot of gear from friends and relatives which bought the cost down a lot. Fortunately got a pretty good job in a pension with food and board. She then met some people and sailed a boat from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean. Dreams come true. Good luck
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    Your accom. estimate is much too conservative. Probably save bucks ditching lessons, Aldi for apparel, Jindy opening weekend ski sale.
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    Thanks! I really am hoping I can pull it off. May I ask if she spoke French (and if so how well?). I don't speak French - I learnt it for a couple of years so I can read it but the French I am sure will speak far too quickly for me to understand, at least for a couple of months. Just in terms of getting a job, is it possible at all for me?

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    Cheers. What price range do you think I will be looking at for accommodation? I am not too worried about where I stay as I probably won't be spending too much time there other than sleeping.

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    She initially spoke no French, but the Duolingo app worked well. She learnt on the job.

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    Depends how many others you are prepared to share with.
    Do an initial short term accom booking.You will be in resort with plenty of Brits. Scope out where the full seasoners hang out for drinks ( and dont forget some of them finish work late )and ask questions re work and cheaper digs.E Killy is huge and there are always jobs coming and going. Make your dream come true. Save up well and just go for it.
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    Legs Akimbo

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    Look for accommodation in the smaller villages like La Daille or Le Fornet. Still connected but likely to be cheaper.

    I thought restaurant food was quite expenses, but there is a regular market in Val d'Isere.
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    Mate I did something similar at your age. Save everything you can, and just go. The worst thing that can happen is you come home early.
    Enjoy it, it will change your skiing, and probably your life.

    You seem like a NSW skier - there are sales in May in Canberra and Jindy on the June opening weekend of second hand gear. This could be a great way to pick up some skis and stocks, some clothing, etc. I've often picked up some great bargains of mid-range gear.

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    A preseason pass price may be cheaper in paid in advance? Or a through a potential employer?

    Good luck.
    Just go.

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    Take a look at British Chaletcompamies if you want to work.
    Tignes les Brevieres has a cheap place for young people. I will come back to you on that one - take a look at paradiski as well.
    (Waiting for my connecting flight in Helsinki)
    Look at there budget or look for work.( prices include food and some drink.)
    If you want to stay a season ask them about obtains.
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    Do this. Easy way to get paid and have accomodation and food looked after. Often they have people drop out throughout the season so always stuff going. I stayed in a chalet one year with another family and their teenage son ended up staying behind after everyone else left to work for the company.

    There are loads of chalet operators and they are usually desperate for staff. Plus it's all in English.
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    Hey thanks so much for your reply. I want to get a really good amount of skiing in so ideally working would only be at night/afternoon. They don't advertise jobs on their website (at least not at the moment), do you recommend contacting them before I arrive, and if so how long before?

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    I done something similiar when I was in my early 20s ,and had just finished my apprentiship,although I wanted to do a lot of backpacking around Europe as well and had dual passports, which makes things a lot easier ,also had a bit of time in the U.K to open up a bank account(it was a lot easier to get a local building society account for pay) and to get my NHS card .
    Had never even seen snow before, but fell in love with skiing, and spent 2 seasons in Valliore before moving on to Val d 'isere and then Les Deux Alpes.
    Fantastic lifestyle if you are young and like to meet lots of interesting people , and if you pick the right job you can ski at least 6 days a week.
    Be prepared to share rooms with other smelly people ,although you only go there to sleep once you have finished working ,skiing and socializing/drinking for the day ,then get up the next day and repeat till late April /early May.
    In my case it was starting work at 6.00am, finish at 9ish ,go skiing all day then be back at work at 3 to prepare dinner ,finished by 8.30, then get to the pub before happy hour finished(no RSA in those days especially in France)
    On really bad days just go back to your room and catch up on some sleep.
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    This was just meant as an example. Do some research of other possibilities depending what you want, but remember the companies have specific needs and if your wishes do no fit in you are out.
    You could also share a flat with other young people if it is only the skiing you are coming for

    Try to look at Snowheads and chaletsdirect to find out what is out there. Or get nurses through everything it seems:
    but I guess it costs? Do it yourself gives you much more.

    I see you will face the problem of not being U.K. or EU national, but I do not knowhow a working holiday fits in.
    Brexit might change a lot but is to fare out for you.
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    I somehow managed to forget to mention this but I am a dual Australian/British citizen, and like you say the implications of Brexit are fortunately very unlikely to have an effect on me next year, so that should make things easier

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    Wear a condom